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+45 23969556 (Anders)

+45 25138434 (Heidi)


has been involved in dogs since 1993 where he got his first dog - a Karelian Beradog. He was a great family member, a loving dog who also loved the showring.


In 2003 I got my first Akita together with Heidi, and a year later we got our first male from Redwitch Akita's in England.

Anders is FCI certified judge

for American Akitas

Senseo American Akita

is a small kennel located in Sjælland - Denmark


We are dedicated to producing healthy, well tempered, FCI registered Akitas for responsible pet or show homes.


We are member of: Danish Kennel Club and the Danish breed special Club


Senseo Akita's are owned by Heidi and Anders.

Photo: hunden.dk/Tine Luther



has been involved in horses for many years. Her first dog was born in 1993 and was a Samoyed mix.


In 2001 I got my first show dog, and I started dogshows, this was a Karelian Beradog


In 2003 Kennel Senseo was a reality, and the start of a lot of fun and many memorable trips around the World.

Kennel portrait (Danish only)

In 2015, the Danish Kennel Klub (DKK) honored Kennel Senseo with a portrait in their montly member newspaper. We're very proud to be featured in a medium that reaches all of DKKs 30.000 members!

We can offer the article below thanks to DKK. 




Quality never goes out of fashion


We breed American Akitas with a loving temperament, who are healthy inside and outside.

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Anders: +45 23969556

Heidi: +45 25138434

Email: office@kennel-senseo.dk

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